dump yap


wrapping long lines in tables

set the cell to be aligned to top and assign the width:

  Fill & Run Number \\
  7627 & 190770, 190771, 190772, 190773, 190774, 190776, 190777 \\
  7630 & 190891, 190894, 190895, 190896, 190897 \\
  7632 & 190953, 190954, 190955, 190956, 190958, 190960, 190962, 190966, 190970, 190972, 190973, 190974 \\

eps figure and pdflatex

the pdflatex with miktek doesn't handle eps right all the time. Another package can be used:

Then use dvipdfm to convert DVI to PDF

Or, generate a ps file first then convert that to a PDF:


install new package to MikTeX

works with revtex but seems not with the twocolumn mode



draws feynman diagrams




setup Latex with Windows

miktex : latex compiler

ntemacs : editor

auctex : preview for latex, (to install latest version, MSYS from mingw is needed; this is a minimum GNU tools for configure and make purpose with Windows)


C-c C-c runs the TeX-command-master, very useful.

C-c C-e [e.g. 'figure'] will prompt the parameter for figure


a good one is a PDF file called "lshort"




Make Excel charts/graphs into eps figures

If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, right click on the chart, choose "Chart Window", then use "Print..." from the pop-up window. Use the Acrobat Printer to get the PDF file. Once it's opened in Acrobat, in the File menu, select "Export..." or "Save As..." and save it as an eps figure. This figure should work with Latex documents.

If you use pdflatex, then a PDF figure should be good enough.